We take pride in the fact that we are a ship-brokerage that has a quarter of a century of experience in the field of all floating equipment e.g. Cargovessels, Tankervessels, Tugs, Pushers, Barges, Pontoons, Dredgers, RoRo, Floating jetties etc.


We have close relations with all the different shipyards in the Netherlands as well as the rest of world. We can fulfil all request relating building, repairs or modifications. For landlocked areas we can deliver complete building packages.

Project management

For all shipbuilding projects we can deliver the complete project management with specialists.

Transport solutions

We have the experience and are able to deliver transport solution for every need, the ability to transport on rivers or on the sea including the tools (Barges, Pushers & Tugboats) to do so.

Transport management

For the management of all of your transport needs we can deliver qualified personnel from loading to unloading, we have the right fit.


Our partners who are specialised in the field of full-service crewing can provide you with the needed experts or specialist that match every demand that you might have.

Huizinga B.V. your contact for all floating equipment

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